Our New Small and Delicate Unitank/Fermenters


Our New Small and Delicate Unitank/Fermenters

Small but fully-equipped unitank/fermenters. Hops port, rotatable valve, liquid level, carbon port...Our customized service realizes all your demands of your own tanks!

beer fermentation tank

1. Highly competitive price, more than 10 years production and manufacturing experience
2. Strictly quality control, meet the European quality standard, take 3 times water pressure test during production.
4. Accept customized, professional engineers will provide design solutions for you
5.Use high-quality 304 stainless steel, ensure the thickness of the material
6. Dimple plate cooling jacket, better cooling effect and longer service life
7. Equipped with safety valve, water-sealed pressure valve, to ensure the safe operation of the fermentation tank

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